About Us

Artesana Family Bakery is a family-owned organic bakery established in 2015 in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, which started out as a small idea in our family kitchen. Today it’s grown to be a staple in our local community, thanks to the support and loyalty of you – our valued customers.

Our products are made using the best organic and local ingredients, zero preservatives or chemicals, and a handmade “artisanal” process, so every single bite shows our love for healthy-baked goods...and maybe bring back some wonderful childhood memories!

When we first came to Cuenca and saw all the bakeries in town, we had a great vision to do something different and something special. Our worldly recipes are inspired by our vibrant community! We bring our own cultural “ingredients” to you and our baked goods since we are from Margarita Island, Venezuela. 

As a family of four, we each bring love and dedication to make the Artesana Family Bakery something great! Mariana is the head artisan baker and owner. She learned the arts of baking in one of Venezuela’s top cooking schools. Kelbert is in charge of managing the business, customer service and marketing, with the sole goal of delighting our customers every day. Their two children Sebastián and Samantha are Artesana Family Bakery bakers-in-training! And our extended family (our employees) make our company what it is.

We love to hear back from our customers on their experiences - it drives us to create new and delicious products every day! 

Always grateful,

Artesana Family Bakery